An SUV Made For the City

The accessible Range Rover Evoque fits every bill of city life - it's compact, yet, has plenty of storage, and is sleek, but still exudes comfort. Howard Orloff, your Land Rover dealer, is located right here in the heart of Chicago, and ready to answer all your questions about the 2019 Evoque. Take a look at our current 2019 Range Rover Evoque inventory.

The four-door option will already set you apart with it's sense of luxury, but the convertible-top option will take you one step further. You won't find another compact SUV + convertible combination in the market, so it's bound to be the talk of the neighborhood. Are you ready to show it off?



One of the most notable updates for both 2019 versions of the Evoque is the new, 258-horsepower engine option. Incredible power is no longer only made for sports cars - you can have the best of both worlds with the extra space and off-roading capabilities an SUV provides, with the thrill and handling you'd normally get with a sports car. It's Terrain Response system allows you to change the throttle and transmission settings based on whether you're driving in the snow, sand, or mud, making your driving experience that much smoother.


The interior impresses with leather upholstery and wood paneling, along with top-of-the-line technology. An 8-inch infotainment touchscreen takes center stage on the dash, housing navigation, music and temperature controls, and much more. Depending on the trim level you choose, it may look cooler with more metals, warmer due to different wood finishes, or brighter due to flourishes of color.


Let's talk about the space and comfort. The front seats are power adjustable up to 14 different ways and boast in-seat massagers. What could be more comfortable than that? The cargo space doesn't disappoint, either, with 20 cubic feet of room that can expand to 51 cubic feet with the second row seats folded down.


There's no aspect more important in a vehicle than safety, and the 2019 Evoque will exceed your expectations in the safety department. 

Adaptive Cruise Control helps you maintain a steady speed while also keeping a pre-set distance between you and the car ahead, preventing accidents. 

Adaptive Dynamics delivers the optimum balance between ride and control.

Torque Vectoring provides control around corners. 

Blind Spot Monitoring warns you when vehicles are approaching from either side.

Traffic Sign Recognition reads traffic signs and displays then in the instrument cluster, helping you respond to speed limits more quickly.

Parking Sensors take the worry out of parallel parking, performing the sometimes-difficult task for you.

Choose from one of the two Evoque body styles, including the four-door and the three-door convertible options. You can even personalize the cabin with different textures, finishes, and features. The convertible body style is available in the SE Dynamic and HSE Dynamic models, but the five-door is available in all six models. 

To discuss the different trim levels, give Howard Orloff a call at 888-979-7912, or contact us online.