2023 Range Rover Sport

The Elevated 2023 Range Rover Sport

Range Rover fans are going to be excited about this one. Introducing, the newest version of the Range Rover Sport, the 2023 model. How does it differ from the 2022 model? We're glad you asked. It has increased capabilities, more power, and refinement that can't be beat.

Next year's Range Rover Sport will arrive at dealerships this fall, so start planning your visit to our Chicago showroom now. You can get all the information from our team before that, though. Give us a call at 888-708-5281 to get in on the details.

Increased power
The new Range Rover Sport has engine options that are faster and produce more power than ever before. An enhanced 523 horsepower Twin-Turbo V8 powertrain, 6 cylinder PHEV with 50 miles EV range, a mild hybrid P360, and P400 Ingenium engine are all on the docket.

It has a new architecture that's strong, yet agile, a pre-emptive suspension technology, an intelligent driveline, and All Wheel Steer feature - a combination that yields outstanding performance, stability, and maneuverability. What does All Wheel Steer consist of? It improves the agility and stability of the vehicle using technologically-advanced tactics. For example, in low-speed turns, the rear wheels move in the opposite direction to the front, allowing a turning circle of just 36 feet. Every detail of the 2023 Range Rover Sport is thoughtfully curated.

Minimalistic design
The aesthetic is simple, modern, and defined. Flush glazing, clean surfaces, and lack of ornamentation contribute to the 2023 Range Rover Sport's commanding presence. Of course, there's a sport-like edge to it, as well, with short overhangs, slim headlights, and 23" alloy wheels.

The interior is no different. It sets the tone with sleek, continuous lines throughout - across the dash and duotone seats, and in the 13.7-inch floating Interactive Driver Display. It's a look that embodies the same sophistication and focus exuded by Range Rover owners.

Higher IQ
It's the SUV that's always "on". Using cloud connectivity, 57 control modules are updated over the air, keeping you up-to-date and enjoying the 2023 Sport's technology. It's also outfitted with Amazon Alexa integration,  Apple CarPlayⓇ,  Android AutoTM, and a 15W Wireless Device Charger.

The Cabin Air Purification system isn't new, but the Pro version is. It uses 10x the active ions of the previous system to eliminate odors, bacteria, and allergens in the air.

Active Noise Cancellation takes note of wheel vibrations, tire noise, and engine sounds in the cabin, then generates a canceling signal to minimize them. The signal is played through the Meridian Signature Sound System's 29 speakers, which include two small speakers on each headrest. This personalized noise cancellation can be compared to the passenger using high-end noise-canceling headphones.

Ultimate convenience
Everything you didn't know you needed is encompassed within the Range Rover Sport. The Flush Deployable Door Handles are equipped with Proximity Sensing and Soft Door Close.

The off-road capability is nothing short of exceptional, either. The 2023 Range Rover Sport can address gradients up to 45 degrees with grace, conquering sand, snow, and mud. All-wheel steering helps propel you out of ruts and keep a straight line, even on softer surfaces. The wading abilities are mind-blowing, too. Drive through almost 3 feet of water without a single thought.