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If you're looking for a used Land Rover Defender in Chicago, Howard Orloff may be the answer. As one of the premier Land Rover dealerships in the Chicagoland area, we carry a wide selection of new and pre-owned Land Rover vehicles, including the Defender model from time to time. While Land Rover no longer sells the Defender in the U.S. at this time, we occasionally get some of the pre-owned models in inventory.

The Land Rover Defender was originally created in 1948 (as the Rover Series 1) for military use. The "Station Wagon" body style carried on through the 80s and became known as the Defender Ninety (90) and Defender One Ten (110) in 1985. Updates were made throughout the late 80s with the biggest change in 1990 when it became known strictly as the Land Rover Defender. It had a new turbodiesel engine, improved turbocharging, intercooling and direct injection. This allowed the engine to cruise along at high speeds while also being capable of carrying heavy loads.

The 2002 model year saw further refinements to its Td5 engine which helped the vehicle meet emission regulations. The 2002 XS models also introduced many luxury features such as heated windscreen and seats, air conditioning, ABS & Traction Control and part-leather seats. Other details included: a dash center console, improved instrument illumination and for the first time the option of having front electric windows.

2007 models included a big change to the drivetrain. The Td5 engine was replaced by an engine from Ford's DuraTorq line and was a version of the 2.4-litre, four-cylinder unit seen in the highly popular Ford Transit. The power level remained the same, the torque output increased and the engine's lubrication and sealing system improved to allow the vehicle to thrive in extreme off-roading conditions.

The main changes for the 2012 models (again, not sold in the United States) included updating the engine again to meet Euro V Emissions Standards. It was replaced with the ZSD-422 engine which is essentially a 2.2-litre variant of the same engine that it had. Land Rover also reintroduced the soft top body style with this model which had been doing well in the market and highly popular with consumers. There has been talk of Land Rover coming out with a new Defender model in 2015 but as of right now, those plans are still up in the air.

Call or visit our showroom if you are interested in one of these rugged, popular Land Rover Defenders (check online inventory here). If you're looking for a vehicle that can go anywhere, or even a Defender as a collector vehicle, Howard Orloff may have one that is perfect for you. And we may be able to find one for you if what you want isn't in our inventory. Stop by our award-winning showroom today and take a test drive to experience the best in Land Rover vehicles.